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ICONNEL Catholic Foundation Inc

ICONNEL Catholic Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit private operating foundation. Our charitable purpose is to preserve the Polish Catholic culture through counseling, personal development, and companionship and by providing Catholic faith-based cultural and English education, job placements, temporary shelter, and religious pilgrimages.  Our mission is supported by the following initiatives:

·         Providing senior care companions through the redevelopment of moral standards that are desperately needed and lacking in any alternative solution, especially by institutions.  https://www.iconnel.org/companions

·         Parish Pilgrim House https://www.iconnel.org/pilgrim-house  can facilitate Pilgrimages at the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,  located at 447 E 115th St, New York, NY 10029 and allows pilgrimage groups of artists, scholars, and travelers from abroad to visit the Shrine and enjoy praying in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Latin.  Pilgrim House also provides a convent facility for temporary shelter and housing to elderly caregivers and companions who are in between working assignments.

·         Gifts on line available for donations from Spark from Poland.


Every devotional item presented here comes from God's inspiration given to Catholic nuns and monks, who continuously work and pray for all the faithful, who will use these items. Your donations that support our Parish, Convents and Friaries in Polonia, who created these Sacramentals for You. Creating devotional items by hands of consecrated persons is a continuation of over 1000 years Catholic Church tradition. Please remember to bless them in Your Parish by the Priest. Just like artists during Medieval times, the nuns and monks do not sign their art, because their intention is to serve God's Glory by catching as many Souls for as possible for Heaven. Through these devotional items, the nuns and monks continuously deliver to the faithful the Message from God; the message that is very different than manipulation dictated by today's fashion, market demand or media.

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ICONNEL Catholic Foundation Inc

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