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Peanut Brother

Address: 200 Hill Drive

St. Meinrad, Indiana 47577

Peanut butter created by the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey using all-natural ingredients to create a whole jar of joy. All proceeds support the prayer and work of the monks of Saint Meinrad.


Address: 4148 NE Kelsey Rd

Kansas City, Missouri 64116

Handcrafted Catholic candles with scents directly connected to saints and the faith, bringing the light of the saints to the domestic church.

Jen Norton Art Studio

Address: 1969 Elden Dr

San Jose, California 95124

Artist and author. Colorful Catholic artwork, telling the stories of our ancient traditions in a contemporary, approachable voice.

Sarah Gomez Speaks

Address: 249 Leming Ave.

Corpus Christi, Texas 78408

Catholic Speaker