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The Peace in the Storm Project

Today, more than half of all adults in the United States live with at least one chronic illness and/or pain. This means that a significant number of people who are or might be members of our churches are journeying with ongoing, often serious health challenges. Although other resources might be available to them, some of the deepest questions, the most heartfelt longings are those that relate to faith, spirituality, and our relationship with God. During the regular schedule of masses and other parish gatherings, there might not be time to explore these questions and offer focused support and fellowship.

The Peace in the Storm Project responds to the acute need in our churches and other faith-based organizations to more intentionally accompany adults who live with chronic pain and illness. Its easy-to-implement format provides the opportunity for reflection, discussion, and prayer about how and where faith intersects with and informs lives touched by significant health challenges.

The Peace in the Storm Project also invites participation in the life of the Church so that greater understanding of and support for those who suffer may grow, nurturing grace, building strength, bringing light.

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