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Author Celeste Behe

Once upon a time...

...there was a little girl names Celeste. Celeste didn't know how to skate, bike, swim, or even run, so she certainly wasn't the most popular kid on the block. But some evenings, she'd sit on the stoop of her family's New York row home, and the neighborhood kids would come around to listen to Celeste spin stories about talking cats, friendly aliens, and the street-wise fairies who lived in the abandoned lot down the street.

Years later, when Celeste had children of her own, she would tell them true tales about her experiences growing up in the vibrant and faith-filled community of the Bronx's Little Italy.

And now, with her children grown and gone, Celeste is sharing her stories with conferees, friends, and fellow Toastmasters, as well as with readers of both the National Catholic Registerand the Diocese of Allentown newspaper, The A.D. Times.

A longtime contributor to Catholic publications, Celeste writes from her heart... but she talks with her hands.

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Author Celeste Behe