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Our ministry's genesis grows from our belief that we all have a broken heart in some unique way. It is by acknowledging our own hole in the heart and recognizing the many ways that we have unsuccessfully tried to patch it up ourselves, we have come to the realization that the patchwork we needed is God's merciful and joyful love.

Equipped with patchwork hearts, our ministry is to simply sew hope into broken hearts. We are available for Speaking Engagements, Retreats, Youth Nights, and Scripture Studies, by working alongside your pastoral or diocesan staff. We approach each opportunity prayerfully and with open hearts, knowing that it is God's grace that keeps our hearts beating.

People on occasion ask us why we named our ministry Patchwork Heart. The answer is simply this, our founder Bill Snyder is a survivor of three open-heart surgeries. He was diagnosed at three weeks of age with Tetrology of Fallot a serious congenital heart defect that required immediate surgery to correct the problem, and two additional open-heart surgeries to make necessary modifications and improve heart function. As part of the procedures, many different patches have been sewn into his heart thus giving him a "patchwork heart" and a name to our ministry. Bill, a passionate Catholic, loves to openly share his story of how the numerous surgeries and medical procedures have helped him grow in faith because he believes and hopes that it will open many hearts to God's grace and love.


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