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Infant Arts and Crafts

Infant Arts and Crafts is a family run business from Chennai, India which manufactures Catholic religious artifacts. Our company was founded by my father who realised that our neighbourhood places of worship were in need of statues, portraits, wall hangings, and more such articles to help them grow in Faith. Since its inception 7 years ago, our family-run business has significantly grown. We have our own manufacturing unit and have over a 100 people working with us to make Christian religious articles of the best quality available in India.

We supply to many cities throughout India and Sri Lanka. Infant Arts and Crafts has been a venture where we want to supply the best of quality Catholic articles without compromising on the price.

We strive to offer the most customisable religious articles in the country with the aid of our 3D machines, UV printing, photo printing, and Engraving machines. Our motto has been to develop and create religious articles that will act as a catalyst to aid your growth in your Catholic Faith.

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Infant Arts and Crafts

No.88, 5th Street S.R.P. Colony
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600082