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The first book, "Mother with Child: Spiritual Enrichment During Pregnancy" offers daily inspiration during the 9 months of gestation to inspire parents to grow in faith, hope & love as they await the birth of their child.  These inspirations also encouraged me to be strong & to grow in virtues. I then passed this gift forward when I was counseling pregnant women. The Holy Spirit always knows what we need & is always there for us! In addition, as we grow spiritually, we can pass this wisdom on to the next generation as a healthy foundation for their growth. Parents find these timeless truths to be a great gift & an incentive to give their best to their children. The second book, "When Bad is Good and Good is Bad", Isaiah 5:20, examines the impact of Cultural Marxism in our culture through a multi-layered study of historical facts, philosophies, & ideologies to analyze today's dark culture, to understand the political goals being pushed by the Radical Left here in the U.S. Certain institutions, courts, & political parties are propelling their Social Agenda of Change to create a New Man with new lifestyles & beliefs. The result is the present rebellion & confusion we see in the breakdown of the Family through: Relativism, Humanism, Atheism, Socialism, Feminism, & the Sexual Revolution. In addition, true scientific analysis is scrutinized to unveil the political nature of both the Global Warming Theory & the Over-Population Theory to conclude that neither of their conjectures are sustainable by the scientific method, nor by their data. This book hopes to challenge their Socialistic arguments & ideals that teach the fallacy of placing Man over God, by uncovering their "bad" agenda that is pushed as "good". 


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