Catholic Reads

Address: 2400 S. Loop W Apt 1612 Box #301145 , Houston, Texas 77027 Directions

About Catholic Reads

We are readers who got fed up with how hard is to find good Catholic fiction that features authentic Church teaching, themes, and characters. When we did manage to find a good story it was usually something written fifty years ago or in a genre that wasn?t always our favorite. But we love books and we love reading. So we kept searching. And we found dozens of hidden worlds, indie authors, small presses, and magazines. Despite the lack of advertising, imagination and art are alive and well in our parishes. We started Catholic Reads with the aim of putting authentic Catholic fiction into people?s hands. We want our nation and our world to have the chance to see what the Church?s imagination has to offer. Four of us, M.S. Ocampo, T.S. Sloan, Lori Wilson, and A.R.K. Watson, decided we could do more to change things than just write and advertise our own stories. We started this company because we loved reading and we wanted to put some of the amazing books we found into the hands of hungry readers. Together we started Catholic Reads. And the response has been mind-blowing. Only three months after our launch we enlisted the help of S. Leigh Hall to help us meet the expectations of our subscribers and to open up Catholic Reads to memoir and nonfiction books, and were later joined by Eric Postma.