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Cornerstone Payment Systems

Cornerstone Payment Systems is a Christian electronic payment processing company and we specialize in working with Christian companies and non-profits. We process for some of the most influential Christian organizations in the country, as well as major for-profit companies.

And for all members of Catholic Marketing Network, after one year of processing with us, we will pay $75 towards your CMN membership fee every year that you continue to process with Cornerstone!

We can guarantee:
-To reduce your fees
-We will never process for or support organizations or causes that oppose Christian moral values
-You will never have to worry about your processing being shut off because of your Christian values
Through our open API and gateway relationships, we can connect to almost any business process you have, including shopping carts, billing, and accounting. We can work with any size business, have top of the line security, and world class customer service.

So many other processors, like PayPal, Stripe, and Square, are ideologically opposed to what you stand for as a Catholic and support organizations, like Planned Parenthood, who are working against what you believe in. Stop supporting anti-Catholic organizations and switch your payment processing to Cornerstone, where we are Creating Business for Eternity.


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Cornerstone Payment Systems

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