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Cathy Gilmore, AKA: "Mrs. Virtue Lady", has created the Virtue Heroes to provide powerful help for families and schools trying to build strong character in children. The Tiny Virtue Heroes are 40 different animal and insect characters who act as sidekicks and storytellers to both introduce children to real-life virtue heroes from Christian history, and invite the children to become Virtue Heroes themselves. Information about all the Tiny Virtue Heroes is available at www.VirtueHeroes.com. The first book in the Tiny Virtue Heroes storybook series titled: A Mouse and a Miracle.  The series begins with Mo, the Mouse, icon of HUMILITY, who tells the story of his hero, Mary at the Annunciation. In Wisdom Finds a Way Amel the Camel describes the heroic wisdom of his king, wise Balthazar. And in Jesus Lost and Found, Eli the Caterpillar spotlights the heroic fatherly kindness of Saint Joseph!

Parents and teachers need new heroes to be role models for children. Humble and holy heroes who shine light in the darkness. The 35 different Virtue Heroes help children learn at the youngest age that with God's grace, heroic virtue is real super power.


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