Holy Bauble

Address: 41 Ludlow Ave, Spring Lake, New Jersey 7762 Directions

About Holy Bauble

Holy Bauble A TESTAMENT TO FAITH ? AND FASHION Tara O?Brien Flanigan: Rebel With a Cause Tara has never been one to follow the rules. She prefers to flaunt them. As a Catholic schoolgirl, she resisted uniformity and conformity. Tara was always was looking to differentiate herself, whether she was wearing crazy shoes and socks, skirting the hem length rules enforced by the nuns or accessorizing in her own unique way. However, the one constant in her life is her deep-rooted faith and belief that someone is watching over all of us. This has guided her and played a significant role in the choices she makes in life. Her love of religious imagery and icons inspired her to create a line of jewelry that combines her sense of fashion with a sense of purpose. Holy Bauble breaks with convention, and says faith doesn?t have to follow any set of rules, and that religion can be empowering, personal, inspiring ? and haute! Her designs blur the lines between fashion and faith, and make it chic to display one?s expressions of spirituality, peace, hope, unity and love. What do you believe in? Holy Bauble?s collection will provide you with a full line of jewelry that speaks to believers, no matter what your ideology. Be inspired to express yourself in jewelry.

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