Cathio to Launch a Payment, Donation, and Remittance Platform for the Catholic Economy

Cathio, an organization founded to serve Catholics through an easy-to-use payment solution that responds to the needs of the Catholic community, announced the launch of its platform and its leadership team today. "Cathio's platform is designed to enable all sectors of the Catholic economy to benefit from lower costs and transparent payments," said Cathio CEO Matthew Marcolini.

Former Ambassador to the Holy See and Cathio Advisor Jim Nicholson stated, "The Church is living in a time of great challenges with the laity asking, 'What can we do?' Well, Cathio is a lay initiative that not only strives to save the Church money, but positions it to provide greater transparency of financial transactions and the connectivity of people of good will with good works." The Cathio platform will help ensure lower costs, greater transaction visibility, and improved security for the Catholic community. Cathio's easy-to-use web and mobile tools also enable greater donor development, promotion, and engagement.

Senator Rick Santorum, a member of the Cathio Board of Directors, noted that Cathio also offers the opportunity for the Church to better engage the youth, "Millennials don't carry cash, they date on apps and watch on-demand entertainment. We have to be there, we have to learn from successful tech companies, and we have to provide a universal solution that makes it easy for younger generations to engage with the Church."

Cathio's executive team brings a wealth of business, technological, and philanthropic expertise with strong ties to the Catholic Church. Matthew Marcolini, CEO, previously worked as the Executive Director for Corsica Partners; Ryan Thomas, Co-Founder, has worked for more than a decade for the Catholic Church around the world, most recently as Director of News Operations for EWTN and Catholic News Agency and co-organizer of the first Vatican Hackathon, VHacks; and Enrique Elias, Head of Ecclesial Relations, has been dedicated to the Catholic Association's pastoral and cultural initiatives for more than 30 years.