The Value of Clear Focus

The Value of Clear Focus in Business & Ministry

Excerpted article from Legatus Magazine

Priest’s For Life Director, Father Frank Pavone shares a key to their organizational success.

One of the reasons for our team’s success in building and sustaining the largest Catholic ministrydedicated to ending abortion is that we have understood, articulated, and preserved our focus. And this is one of the most important things for all groups to do in this Respect Life Month. .Every good strategic planner and successful businessman knows that there is a difference between a vision statement and a mission statement (as there are differences between a mission statement, a strategy, an objective and a tactic),

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Thrifty On-line Shopping

Thinking Strategically about Thrifty On-line Shopping

CMN Virtuous Business Solutions from Cathy Gilmore, CMN Marketing & Communications

But far more insidious is the subtle distortion of thrift that feels like a prudent path, but traps us in a different kind of vice. We’ve all been there. Professional or personal shopping on-line because we are looking for a good deal. Right? But, shopping habitually to get the best deals on ever increasing amounts of stuff can be, sorry to say, greediness dressed in virtuous clothing. We are ever more tempted, and often able to afford, whatever is new, fun and beautiful because it is so cheap. Often with that irresistible bonus of free shipping to boot.

So often in society, our choices often have unintended consequences.

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MOMENTUM 2019 Keynote Speaker: Donna Heckler

The importance of availability in cultivating loyalty.

CMN member, Donna Heckler, was the keynote speaker at the CMN MOMENTUM 2019 Business as Ministry Seminar. View the short video to experience a moment from her talk. Donna has graciously shared the slides from her presentation which explore the steps to build brand loyalty. These are great visuals to learn and remember important and effective methodology in building the success of any business or ministry.

View Donna's slides.

Nine Miles of Spiritual Renewal in New Jersey

Metuchen, N.J., Sep 25, 2019 - Catholic News Agency

More than 700 people participated in a nine-mile pilgrimage through the streets of New Jersey's Hunterdon County on Saturday in order to call for a spiritual awakening and increased discipleship in the Diocese of Metuchen. The Sept. 21 pilgrimage was part of the diocese’s preparation for consecration to Christ through Our Lady of Guadalupe,

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Learning from an Adversary

Excerpted from an 2017 article worth revisiting by Matt Hadro of the Catholic News Agency.

What pro-life advocates can learn from Planned Parenthood. “The brand of Planned Parenthood is, unfortunately, pretty solid...” said Dr. Jeff Pauls of the Vitae Foundation. Yet many women admitted that they “still weren’t totally comfortable with the experience of having to go there.” Planned Parenthood may have a “solid” reputation in the minds of its customers,

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